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HEFEWEIZEN, Price: $179 (Reg. Price $199) 50 Litres Price: $99(Reg. Price $110) 24 Litres Hefeweizen is a Bavarian classic, literally translates to “wheat beer with yeast”, hence the beer’s unfiltered and cloudy appearance. 50% of the mash is made up of wheat. This gives the beer its refreshing crispness and light body.

We consider this style of beer to be part of the “Lawnmower beer” family, perfect for that afternoon break when you’ve been working in the yard and want something that’s as refreshing and as it is relaxing. It’s a fun, unpretentious beer, incredibly well-suited for drinking outdoors, in great quantity, with or without food.

The Hefeweizen pours cloudy with a gorgeous orange-yellow glow with a beautiful, thick, fragrant head.

The taste: Flavors and aromas of citrus, banana and clove are dominant, with a taste of green apple and bubblegum also along for the ride. Low level of bitterness and plenty of bright notes make Hefeweizen a good choice for those who prefer their beer on the refreshing side.

Made with the Bavarian Hefeweizen Ale yeast, 2-row barley and wheat malt, hallertau tradition and perle. IBUs: 12; Abv 5.0%; SRM 3.0 oL

DRY LAGER, Price: $169 (Reg. Price $189) 50 Litres Price: $90 (Reg. Price $99) 24 Litres A premium version of North American style low carbohydrate light lager. All malt, no adjunts. Very light straw colour and light-bodied. Dry finish. Low hop bitterness, no hop flavor and aroma. Lowered caloric value.
IBUs: 9; Abv 5.0%; SRM 2.0 oL
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