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Special Dark Lager Price: $164 (Reg. Price $179) 48 Litres Price: $90(Reg. Price $99) 24 Litres Dunkel (German for “Dark”) is a specialty of Bavaria, Germany. Its characterized by smooth, full, malty flavor, mahogany brown colour and roast aroma with a hint of dark chocolate. It is a soft and elegant lager, with a rich, mildly vanilla, nutty-sweet palate and a dry, rounded finish. Though it looks like a British Dark Ale or Porter, but Dunken has a clean lager taste without any fruitiness. Cascade aroma hops adds a touch of West Coast magic to this magnificent decoction. IBUs: 18; Abv 5%; SRM 12.0 oL

Brown Ale Price: $150 (Reg. Price $169) 48 Litres Price: $86 (Reg. Price $95) 24 Litres A traditional, medium-bodied English style Brown Ale. Pleasantly roasted, mid-bodied malt profile with low hop flavour and aroma and moderate hop bitterness. IBUs: 15; Abv 5%; SRM 9.2 oL

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Blonde Ale Price: $169 (Reg. Price $189) 50 Litres Price: $90(Reg. Price $99) 24 Litres A medium-bodied, slightly fruity, North American ale style. Deep golden colour with a delicate hop aroma

Special Oatmeal Stout Price: $164 (Reg. Price $179) 48 Litres Price: $90(Reg. Price $99) 24 Litres An opaque, full-bodied ebony ale. Moderate to high hop bitterness combines well with a pleasa

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